Easy Crab Sauce Over Spaghetti

Before I even begin this blog post, I’m going to ask you to go to the archives and check out “Crab Sauce over Spaghetti.”    That recipe is the real deal.  However, it’s a lot more involved than this one.   Also, eating the dish prepared that way is quite a laborious and messy task.  My husband would say it’s … Continue reading

Crab Sauce over Spaghetti

Some of my fondest food memories are from the Jersey Shore. “Down the shore” is where you’ll find some of the best fast food in our country. I’m sure you’re salivating right now just thinking about the sausage and peppers sandwiches, pizza, zeppole, clams on the half, Kohl’s custard…and the list goes on and on. … Continue reading

Swordfish Livornese (or is it Sicilian?) Style

  Italians not only love eating food, but they love arguing over food as well.  As you can see from several of my other posts, whether we’re  arguing about who makes the dish the correct way, or what region the dish comes, we love to challenge one another.  My motto is, “if it tastes good, … Continue reading