Mom’s Pizza

Homemade pizza is really so simple. Every time I make it, I wonder why I don’t do it more often. I guess it’s because I’m always cooking for a crowd when I make pizza, but if you’re only going to make a pie or two, it’s quite easy.  Any Italian bakery will provide excellent dough, … Continue reading

Summer Pizza on the Grill

Perhaps I did you a favor by not posting pizza on the grill at the beginning of summer.  If I had, you’d probably be about 5 pounds heavier right now because you wouldn’t have (couldn’t have) stopped making pizzas on the grill as a weekly activity.  Besides being an enormous amount of fun and absolutely delicious, … Continue reading

Pizza Rustica (Rustic Torte)

I have to admit that I’ve been obsessed for years over finding the perfect recipe for, what my family calls, “Pizza Rustica.”  This is a very traditional Easter dish for Italian families, but it seems that every family makes it differently, and every family has a different name for it.  Personally, I call it an … Continue reading

Pizza de Cipolle (Scallion Pie)

  Scallion pie? Seriously?   I’m sure that’s what you’re thinking.  If this wasn’t my all time favorite dish on the planet, I would think the same.  But believe me, my “Little Nonni” did it again with this recipe from her beloved Puglia.  Traditionally, in her small home town in Italy, this was made during the … Continue reading