Island Rum Punch

Please bear with me for just one more cocktail recipe.  I must share this with you!  Who knew that having no kitchen for a few weeks would turn me into a “mixologist”?  Well, not really.  I’m just following recipes, but it gives me the same satisfaction that I get after creating a delicious dish…only with … Continue reading

Vodka Cucumber Smash

Still no kitchen! So what am I cooking tonight? Vodka Cucumber Smash. There’s not much back story to this recipe, and frankly, at this point, who needs a story??!! I need my kitchen back. With my kitchen in turmoil, I’m like a fish out of water. I know it won’t be too much longer, but … Continue reading

Brinley’s Summertime Rum Drink

  Where have I been?   Well, honestly, I’ve been right here. I’ve just been without an oven, and most of my kitchen appliances have, one by one, stopped working. You can just imagine how frustrated I’ve been. Even the outdoor grill has been on it’s last leg, so I couldn’t do much cooking there. Now … Continue reading