Halibut Baked with Mushrooms

Finally…..I have my kitchen back! It looks beautiful. I’m absolutely in love with my appliances. However, I need a PhD in “Appliance Use and Cleaning.”   Seriously, I have about 4 hours of tedious reading to do before I will feel comfortable using them. Instead of cooking, I seem to be busy polishing away every fingerprint … Continue reading

Swordfish Livornese (or is it Sicilian?) Style

  Italians not only love eating food, but they love arguing over food as well.  As you can see from several of my other posts, whether we’re  arguing about who makes the dish the correct way, or what region the dish comes, we love to challenge one another.  My motto is, “if it tastes good, … Continue reading

Filet Sole with Snow Peas

I serve fish at least once a week.  I grew up eating fish ( specifically filet of sole or flounder) for dinner on Fridays in accordance to the Catholic Church.  But even after Pope Paul VI loosened the fasting rules in 1966, my mom just couldn’t break the habit.  We still had fish (or other … Continue reading