Pavlova (Meringue and Fruit)

I generally make Pavlova in the summer when I can use local, fresh fruit, but I tend to feel the need for this “slice of summer” all year round.  Just when you think you can’t eat another piece of apple pie or apple crisp (do check out my recipe for this), pavlova saves the day. … Continue reading

Key Lime Pie

I first tasted Key lime pie in Key Biscayne, Florida when I was 19 years old.  Upon first bite of this velvety, sweet dessert, I knew I was in love.  I would forever be on a quest for the perfect Key lime pie.  It was not easily found outside of Florida back then, so many … Continue reading

Mom’s Apple Crisp

Growing up in the 50s, you could always count on dessert each and every night, or at least that is how it was in our house and the houses of my friends.  Most nights, we would wait anxiously to see what homemade treat would come out of the kitchen after dinner.  Lots of dessert recipes … Continue reading