Banana Oat Cookies

In contrast to my opening statement in my last post (DiGirolamo Cookies), this is absolutely not the “cookie of my childhood.”  As a matter of fact, my grandmother, Little Nonni, might be looking down from heaven and wondering how I could possibly even call this a cookie (biscotto).  “There’s no sugar, flour or eggs so how … Continue reading

Healthy Banana Nut Bread

    Is this really a healthier version of the banana bread recipe I posted earlier?  It’s hard to say.  The ingredients seem to be healthier….bran, organic whole wheat flour, local honey, nuts.  It tastes healthier.  It has a crunch and it is quite dense in texture.  I was trying to remember when exactly I … Continue reading

Mom’s 1950s Banana Bread

Banana bread has gone through many changes over the decades.  Haven’t we all?  We have used wheat flour instead of white; honey instead of sugar; threw in some wheat germ or bran; chopped up some nuts…..looking for a healthier version.  While all this was very tasty, I always came back to my mom’s original recipe. … Continue reading